Monday, January 13, 2014

Useless Movie Test 1.0

1. If I saw you sit down on the edge of a bed, take your shoes off and start picking your feet, what city would you be in?

2. You're an ex-boxer yelling at me, a racketeer. Where do you tell me my guts "is"?

3. So you're sitting in a hotel lobby observing people come and people go. Anything ever happen?

4. Are you a dime a dozen? If not, who are you?

5. Did you ever know the old Vienna?

6. Who should it happen to?

7. Yes or No: Deserve's got something to do with it?

8. If you meddle with the primal forces of nature, what will you do?

9. If you're laying on a couch, out of sight, and a woman throws a vase at the wall, when you get up and reveal yourself, what should you ask?

10. If you ain't eating Wham, what else ain't you eating?

11. You're standing on a raft full of monkeys. What should you ask them?

12. You're an adult male virgin on an isle where the previous year's apple crop failed and you have the chance to quickly get laid and renounce your Christian faith. Should you?

13. Who belongs dead?

14. Do we accept her?

15. We are the people or we are the people?

Bonus question:
I'm a reporter, you're an heiress. When we get married, what comes down?